Institutional outcomes are paramount to the success of College of Health and Allied Development (CHAD). We measure our institutional success on the success of each of our faculty and staff, and the success of each student.

Faculty and staff each have a role in the experience of the CHAD scholar from enrollment to alumni. The quality of the experience, and the quality of education experienced by each CHAD scholar culminates in the successful completion of program, success in licensure examination, and successful working professional in area of study.

Successful experience is facilitated through the events and programs by the student services department, and the success in program completion and any associated licensure is facilitated through the academic department, with the support of the administrative and leadership teams and functions.

We assess ten specific measures at least annually to determine success. Data is collected from CHAD scholars, process outcomes, alumni, and the community to evaluate our levels of success. The nine measures are:

  1. Marketing goals
  2. Enrollment
  3. Retention
  4. Student satisfaction
  5. Course pass rate
  6. Program pass/completion rate
  7. Licensure rate
  8. Job placement/promotion/satisfactory role change
  9. Profitability
  10. Strategic goals

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About us

College of Health and Allied Development is the only school in Palm Beach County offering efficient Non-traditional College programs that prepare students for careers in-demand areas such as such as Nursing, Case Management, Psychology, Clinical Research, Public Health, addiction rehabilitation, and recovery.