Careers in Health


Careers in Health Offered at College of Health and Allied Development

  • Bachelor of science level Registered Nurse
  • Nursing assistants
  • Home Health Aides
  • Biomedical Research Associate
  • Biomedical technologist
  • Pharmaceutical research associate
  • Biological research associate
  • Case management assistant
  • Psychology assistant
  • Aging Care worker
  • Community Health Worker (Public health assistant)
  • Addiction counsellor
  • Recovery coach




Technical Requirements

The following are the minimum required hardware and software tools needed to support each student's learning experience whether the student is participating in an on-line program, hybrid, or residential methods of instruction:

  • CPU 200mhz+
  • Windows or Mac Operating System
  • Modern Web Browser
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Web camera

Students have access to all the material and resources needed to participate in each program including digital texts books, and online library. 

Strip Module Included

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College of Health and Allied Development is the only school in Palm Beach County offering efficient Non-traditional College programs that prepare students for careers in-demand areas such as such as Nursing, Case Management, Psychology, Clinical Research, Public Health, addiction rehabilitation, and recovery.