Careers in Health


Careers in Health Offered at College of Health and Allied Development

  • Bachelor of science level Registered Nurse
  • Nursing assistants
  • Home Health Aides
  • Biomedical Research Associate
  • Biomedical technologist
  • Pharmaceutical research associate
  • Biological research associate
  • Case management assistant
  • Psychology assistant
  • Aging Care worker
  • Community Health Worker (Public health assistant)
  • Addiction counsellor
  • Recovery coach




Confidentiality and Privacy Policies

Disability related information is treated under strict rules of confidentiality. The school will not release documentation or the exact nature of the disability without the student's permission. Students needing services need to complete a Student Intake Form and Student Request for Services form which can be obtained at the administrative office. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended in 1993, 2008, and 2011, students have a right to be notified annually as to the rights of maintenance of and access to students’ records that include: academic records, admission records, disciplinary records, placement file and financial aid records. The school abides by federal and state regulations regarding the privacy of student records and complies with the laws regarding access procedures. If a student believes there is an error in their permanent record, the student should contact the school Registrar’s office in to request a modification to the record. If the student believes that the modification made by the school is incorrect they can arrange a hearing. A hearing will be conducted according to FERPA. The hearing will be within a reasonable period of time after the request is received. The student shall be given notice of date, place and time reasonably in advance. The school Registrar shall make a written decision within a reasonable period of time after the hearing. The written decision and summary shall be based on evidence presented and reasons for the decision.

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College of Health and Allied Development is the only school in Palm Beach County offering efficient Non-traditional College programs that prepare students for careers in-demand areas such as such as Nursing, Case Management, Psychology, Clinical Research, Public Health, addiction rehabilitation, and recovery.