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 This Enrollment Agreement and Application for Admission is the binding document/contract by which students may apply for entrance into the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science Degree Nursing Program at the College of Health and Allied Development. This document shall also be the binding document by which the financial terms of enrollment, all costs, and terms of payment are disclosed. In addition, this agreement shall specify the date of matriculation for the student as well as the date anticipated for completion of the program. The policies and procedures for refunds are also contractually specified.


 The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing course is designed to prepare Registered Nurses to proceed into administrative and supervisory positions in the nursing and related health care fields, and to work in a variety of medical settings. The program combines theory and clinical components in addressing the concepts of professional nursing roles: caregiver, advocate, educator, communicator, manager, and leader. Each graduate will be qualified to participate as an active partner in meeting the healthcare needs of the community, and to participate in educating and preparing nurses to practice in various medical settings.

The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing course is provided 100% online or 100% residentially. Acceptance of earned credits is determined by the receiving institution.


 The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing program requires the scholar to create time to complete coursework, meet submission deadlines, and respond to instructor discussions/comments, and to interact in class. Coursework requires structured community engagement and leadership engagement. Scholar is also encouraged to participate in other non-academic school activities.

Successful completion of program requires completion of All pre-requisites, all general education, all required, and core courses. 

Course consists of 60 credit/Semester hours. Full time schedule is completed within 16 months, Part-time must be completed within 32 months.

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