Careers in Health


Careers in Health Offered at College of Health and Allied Development

  • Bachelor of science level Registered Nurse
  • Nursing assistants
  • Home Health Aides
  • Biomedical Research Associate
  • Biomedical technologist
  • Pharmaceutical research associate
  • Biological research associate
  • Case management assistant
  • Psychology assistant
  • Aging Care worker
  • Community Health Worker (Public health assistant)
  • Addiction counsellor
  • Recovery coach




General Education

General education courses are a part of each professional program. Our general education courses provide the required general education courses to complete any associates and bachelors of science degree course. Our general education courses include:

PSY 214          Psychology

SOC 206         Sociology

ENG 101        English Composition 1

ENG 202        English Composition II

ALG 222         College Algebra

SPC 218          Public Speaking

ECO 250         Economics

LIT 251           Contemporary literature

LIT 252           American Literature

LIT 253           Caribbean literature

LIT 254           Hispanic-American Literature

ENG 255        Poetry

ETH 335         Contemporary ethical issues

MAN 215       Principals of Management and Human Relations

EVS 242          Environmental Science

SHS 104          Human Growth and Development

SHS 124          Contemporary health issues

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About us

College of Health and Allied Development is the only school in Palm Beach County offering efficient Non-traditional College programs that prepare students for careers in-demand areas such as such as Nursing, Case Management, Psychology, Clinical Research, Public Health, addiction rehabilitation, and recovery.