Careers in Health


Careers in Health Offered at College of Health and Allied Development

  • Bachelor of science level Registered Nurse
  • Nursing assistants
  • Home Health Aides
  • Biomedical Research Associate
  • Biomedical technologist
  • Pharmaceutical research associate
  • Biological research associate
  • Case management assistant
  • Psychology assistant
  • Aging Care worker
  • Community Health Worker (Public health assistant)
  • Addiction counsellor
  • Recovery coach






Program Title: Registered Nurse to Bachelors of Science Nursing (BSN)

(60 Semester Hours)


Program Description

The Registered Nurse to Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) program is designed to facilitate career mobility for the Registered Nurse. The program is designed to provide the educational experiences that will prepare graduates to proceed into administrative and supervisory positions in the nursing and health care fields

Entry to Registered Nurse to Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) program requires a student to be a graduate of an RN or Associates Degree program with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA hold a current state of Florida Registered Nursing license. The acceptance of previous course work for credit will be determined by the accepting institution, the College of Health and Allied Development on an individual basis.

Students will be required to complete courses in the areas of general education courses, pre-requisite courses, core nursing courses and professional nursing courses to complete the 60 semester hour program.

The entire Bridge program is four (4) semesters long comprising of Four (4) general education courses, four (4) required courses and twelve (12) professional nursing courses equaling 60 semester hours.

Areas of study can include nursing administration and management, critical thinking, community health, research, health care finance and leadership.


Course Descriptions

SPC 218         Public Speaking                                                         3 Credit Hours

In this course students will learn and demonstrate the principles of speech preparation, organization and delivery are reviewed. Student will practice specialized types of speech communication experiences common to those called on to speak in public.

ENG 202        English Composition II                                             3 Credit Hours

In this course students will be introduced to skills and techniques used for critical, persuasive and research writing. After successfully completing the course, students should demonstrate increased ability in writing; analyzing and composing non-fictional text and have the ability to write a persuasive research essays.

PSY 214         Psychology                                                                 3 Credit Hours

This course introduces psychological theories from behavioristic, humanistic and biological viewpoints.  Primary focus is on exploring how selected principles of psychology apply to students’ personal lives and social behavior. Students apply the skills of critical thinking, observation and information gathering and analysis as they practice social science and scientific methodology.

SOC 206         Sociology                                                                    3 Credit Hours

This course provides a practical framework and a personal method for ethical thinking and decision-making on issues in contemporary society.  Students will analyze some of the major ethical dilemmas of the modern world.

HLT 201 Community Health Education                                         3 Credit Hours

Students in this course will be introduced to Untied States community health system and related educational functions. Students will review the historical and organizational makeup of county, state and federal community health programs and community functions.


Required Courses


PHA 309         Pharmacology                                                            3 Credit Hours

This is a course that builds on the principles of pharmacology learned in the students RN program. Pharmacokinetic factors in drug therapy are examined in relation to the major body systems and management of client health. Medication regulations, major drug classification prototypes and the related nursing implications are reviewed and discussed.

NUR 302        Transitions to Professional Nursing                        3 Credit Hours

A general survey course that provides a brief introduction to the key topics presented in a BSN program. This course assists the nurse to delineate professional nursing through subject areas taught at the bachelor’s level. The focus of this course is on the role of the nurse as the leader and manager and allows reflection on the current state of nursing practice.

STA 304         Statistics                                                                     3 Credit Hours

Topics include probability, random variables, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, correlation, linear regression, small sample methods, and non-parametric statistics. Students will learn how statistical evaluations are utilized for developing, planning and implementing programs.


Professional Nursing Courses

NUR 302        General Pathophysiology                                         3 Credit Hours          

This course introduces the student to the pathophysiologic disruptions that result in the signs and symptoms of a disease in the human body across the lifespan. Assessment and analysis of objective and subjective manifestations of common health problems resulting from environmental, genetic and stress-related mal-adaptations are analyzed. Diagnostic assessments are discussed for each disease process.

NUR 310        Clinical Decision Making (Critical Thinking)         3 Credit Hours

This course provides a conceptual understanding of the logical and critical thought processes required of the professional nurse. Students will build on the critical thinking coursework they learned in nursing foundations. Coursework will include individual and group projects designed to expand student decision making.

NUR 314 Nursing in a Multicultural Society                                  3 Credit Hours

This is a course that explores philosophical differences found in different cultures, religions and gender groups that may impact the health and health beliefs of clients. Additionally, this course explores the nurse’s role in providing culturally sensitive care.

NUR 320        Advanced Health Assessment                                  3 Credit Hours

In this course students will focus on complete health assessment, nursing process, health education and disease detection throughout the life span.

NUR 330        Nursing Administration and Management             3 Credit Hours

This course provides an introduction to the basic principles of leadership and management related to health care. In this course students will explore the interconnected processes of thinking systematically, developing thoughtful judgment and exercising leadership. Competencies needed to succeed in the nursing leadership role in multipart organizations are analyzed and applied to clinical scenarios. Students utilize self-reflection to evaluate their own leadership potential and apply concepts through discussions and class assignments.

NUR 400        Nursing Perspectives and Global Trends               3 Credit Hours

This course is an introduction to the current health care delivery systems on local, regional, national and global levels. Health care economics and health care policy plus their impacts on for profit health care models are reviewed. Growth of HMO's and health care systems in other countries are examined.

NUR 410 Health Care Finance                                                        3 Credit Hours

In this course students will be introduced to the policies and politics of healthcares three persistent issues access, cost and quality. Students will learn the roles of patients, physicians, hospitals, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies. The interaction between the government and these different groups will also be reviewed. The new legislation in healthcare and the effect the legislation has on entities will be discussed.

NUR 426 Nursing Research                                                             3 Credit Hours

This course is designed to promote the student’s understanding of the research process, using critical judgment. Upon completion of the course the student should be able to review and utilize research findings in nursing and other disciplines which are relevant to clinical practice. Ethical, moral and legal issues are considered in relation to nursing research.

NUR 444        Applied Healthcare Ethics                                        3 Credit Hours

Students in this course will examine, through case studies, ethical dilemmas in health care and the decision making processes involved in clinical, professional and organizational ethics. This course explores philosophical and faith based foundations including moral traditions, socio-cultural influences, professional codes, organizational and personal ethical standards.

NUR 450        Nursing Leadership and Management                   3 Credit Hours

This course prepares the student to coordinate and manage client care in diverse health care settings. Emphasis is placed on leadership and management theory and related skills, collaboration, delegation, coordination and evaluation of multi-disciplinary work and the application of outcome-based nursing practice.

NUR 460        Community Health Nursing                                     3 Credit Hours

The role of the nurse in dealing with family in crisis, gerontological issues, child bearing and child rearing family units and medical-surgical situations is explored. Historical, legal and ethical issues affecting adult/gerontological nursing are reviewed. Research on community nursing and its application to varied groups of clients within the community are examined. Students will investigate their community and its health care delivery system comparing results in the class.

NUR 470        Nursing Capstone Experience                                 3 Credit Hours

The Capstone in the BSN program concentrates on strategic planning concepts as they apply to professional nursing practice. The course will prepare the student to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities learned from the previous courses in the Bachelors of Science in nursing program to nursing leadership role. This course will be taken in the last term of the BSN program and is presented in a seminar format.


Optional General Education courses

ECO 250        Economics                                                                3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the principles of economics while exploring the economic history of the United States, the types of economies that exists, resources and utilization, markets and trade. This course also explores incomes among economic variables such as demand, supply, productivity, growth, inflation, to name a few.

LIT 251         Contemporary literature                                      3 Credit Hours

This course is designed to help the scholar identify what makes a writing contemporary, factors that affect the interpretation of a text, and the impact of current technologies on contemporary literature.  Faculty will identify contemporary text for examination.

LIT 252         American Literature                                              3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the advent of the American literature, the inclusion of non-fiction; examines the role of poetry, short stories, visuals, culture etc. in the role of American Literary development. Examines diction, arguments, and use of resources.

LIT 253         Caribbean literature                                             3 Credit Hours

This course examines the history of the Caribbean and the influences on its literature. The course covers work from various islands in the Caribbean, and a book is chosen for analysis of the style, diction, format, presentation and the role of the cultural and geographic influence on the writings.

LIT 254         Hispanic-American Literature                            3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the Spanish-speaking Americas from the time of Columbus to Latin American Independence, this Very Short Introduction explores the origins of Latin American literature from the discovery period to Latin-American independence, and how Spanish literary language developed and flourished in the modern era.

ENG 255        Poetry                                                                        3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the elements of poetry, critical reading, and writing focused on poetry. Poetry infused with current slangs, contemporary stylings, humor, and universal topics are explored.

ETH 335        Contemporary ethical issues                               3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on ethical subjects such as religion, utilitarianism, deontology, natural law ethics, virtue ethics, non-Western paradigms, feminist ethics, and care ethics. The course examines current ethical topics including euthanasia, sexual morality, economic justice, animal ethics, war, violence, globalization, same-sex marriage, structural racism, factory farming, pacifism, and global distributive justice.

MAN 215   Principals of Management and Human Relations            3 Credit Hours

This course is an overview of the discipline and field of human resource development and management and how it applies to the field of nursing. The course outlines the roles interpersonal relationships, leadership skills and problem solving regarding areas of employee counseling, discipline and termination. Equal Employment Opportunity will be discussed in order for the student to understand its need, importance and the legal issues surrounding it.

EVS 242         Environmental Science                                         3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the science behind various environments, environmental events, and environmental issues. Environmental science course also includes data environmental data analysis.

SHS 104         Human Growth and Development                     3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on the concepts and theories of life span development, the stages of human growth and development, developmental milestones at each stage of life, and practical applications of human growth and development to counseling and tailoring care and interactions with clients of any age, from toddlers to seniors

Based on the unique needs and abilities of each life stage.

SHS 124         Contemporary health issues                                3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on issues affecting health in present times in areas including Healthcare reform, Women’s health, male’s health, reproduction, Bio-technology, bio-medicine, physical medicine, mental health, and public health and its social, political, and environmental dimensions.

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