Social and Human Health Services

The Social and Human Services (AS) program is designed to facilitate career mobility for the Human services professionals. The program is designed to provide the educational experiences that will prepare graduates to proceed into administrative and supervisory positions in the Social and Human Services fields

Entry to the Social and Human Services (AS) program requires a student to be a graduate of a High School or possess a GED. Students will be required to complete courses in the areas of general education courses, core courses and professional courses to complete the 82-semester hour program. General courses and other courses will be offered to facilitate 3.0 GPA qualifier for entrance into the Social and Human Services AS program.

The entire Social and Human Services (AS) program is five (5) semesters long comprising of one (1) mandatory course, five (5) general education courses, five (14) required courses, twelve (6) professional courses, and Internship/Externship/Field work equaling Eighty-two (82) semester hours.  Specialization in Addiction, Aging, and Community Health Worker persists.

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